Mipsdis Demo

Mipsdis is a MIPS disassembler that runs in the browser.

The data in the first pane consists of the program counter in hex followed by the MIPS opcode. It is a similar format to that used by objdump.

If you click disassemble, the browser will disassemble the program and show the mnemonics and operands in the second pane.

The default program shown is a fragment of a hello world binary. The program uses a loop to load a byte from the C string "hello world" and store it to a memory location that will cause it to be output to the console.


Note: This service has been parked and is unavailable from June 2020.

For comparison and testing purposes, a godbolt-like utility is provided below.

The top pane is for entering C code fragments in the gnu90 dialect.

If you click compile, the backend server will compile and objdump the C code and the results will be displayed in the bottom pane.

If you click sync, the opcodes returned from the server will be copied into the disassembly pane and disassembled. You can scroll back up to see the results.

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